Reduces your power costs and circulates effective!

The TMR 3M can be mainly used as an energy saver because this agitator aims to optimise the circulation and thrust performance.

Our Sænkbar motor omrører TMR 3M at a glance

Electric motors 11,0 + 17,0kW

  • Three phase motors 400 V, 50 Hz, 1,450 rpm
  • IP68 protection category, insulating category F = 155 °C
  • Thermo-control for each phase as overheating protection
  • Motor housing in 1.4404 stainless steel
  • Pump housing and motor cover made from cast iron material coated with 2-component plastic lacquer
  • Planetary gear with 128 rpm propeller speed
  • Sealing: highly wear-resistant slide ring seal as standard
  • Electric cable with moulded connection with water-blocking devices along the cable for moisture protection; special PU outer sheathing
  • Slide bearing with system to prove the capacitive level made of 1.4301 stainless steel, including adjustment option: Can be swivelled 7° upwards; 7°
  • downwards
  • Agitator blade version in 1.4301 stainless steel
  • The agitator has been designed with a wide variety of applications in mind, where an average yet constant flow rate is required in relation to the power consumption.
  • The agitator is intended for the following applications:
    Agitation and/or homogenisation of bio-mass in biogas plants.
  • The agitation effect is fundamentally dependent on the density and viscosity of the liquid as well as on the contents of the tank and its shape. For larger tanks, more than one agitator may prove necessary.
  • Submersion depth is individually changeable
  • Liquid jet and flow direction are changeable as necessary
  • High agitating power
  • Ecologically friendly and economically working
  • Optimum media homogenisation
  • Good price performance ratio
  • High quality out of own production
  • Wide-ranging accessories program
TypeMotor PowerStart-UpNominal CurrentRequired ProtectionNumber of Revolutions Motor/BladesCirculation RateTotal Weight
TMR 110 11,0 kW Softstarter 22,1 A 32 delay 1450/128 rpm 10.400 m3/h 216 kg
TMR 170 17,0 kW Softstarter 33,0 A 50 delay 1450/128 rpm 15.800 m3/h 231 kg

TMRS 075 - Our Speedy with a very high rotational speed especially for pig manure!

omroerer tmr3m dimension

TMR 110 1.000 mm 410 mm 1.220 mm 1.130 mm 1.345 mm
TMR 170 1.200 mm 410 mm 1.220 mm 1.130 mm 1.345 mm

01Omrorer Tmr3M 01Omrorer Tmr3M T

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