Ideal agitating for homogeneous liquids

The GFR large-blade agitator developed specifically for tough flowing substances combines proven Stallkamp quality with a fundamentally new concept. The computercalculated agitator blades are made from high-strength cast polyamide with steel reinforcement. Their large diameter ensures that the mass remains permanently on the move, gases can escape more easily and heat is distributed evenly in the digestate tank – creating optimum conditions for bacteria. At the same time, the low rotational speed means that very little energy is consumed. The agitation effect is dependent on the density and viscosity of the liquid as well as on the contents of the tank and its shape. The GFR, combined with the agitation properties of the Stallkamp TMR, ensures an optimum agitation result.

Our storbladet omrører GFR at a glance

  • Electric motors 7,5kW
  • Three phase motors 400 V, 50 Hz, 1,450 rpm
  • IP68 protection category, insulating category F = 155 °C
  • Operation only with soft starter
  • Motor housing in 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Oil filling in motor compartment
  • Thermo-control for each phase as overheating protection
  • Cast iron gearbox housing coated with 2-component plastic lacquer
  • Slide ring seal as gearbox seal
  • Oil fi lling in gearbox
  • Three-stage planetary gear with 27 rpm propeller speed
  • Electric cable with special double-shell PU external sheath
  • 1.4301 stainless steel slide bearing for 100 x 100 mm guide rail
  • Agitated medium temperature up to max. 50 °C
  • Propeller made from high-strength cast polyamide with steel reinforcement Ø 2.10 m
  • For exceptionally high fl ow rates
  • Agitation and/or homogenisation of bio-mass in biogas plants and industrial sewage
  • Smooth design prevents fi brous materials from accumulating
  • Good thorough mixing horizontally and vertically
  • Smooth and gentle mixing
  • No adjusting required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Good degree of effectiveness with high dry matter content thanks to a large propeller diameter
  • Can be retrofi tted in any system with 100 x 100 mm, 120 x 120 mm, 150 x 150 mm guide rail
TypeMotor PowerStart-UpNominal CurrentRequired ProtectionNumber of Revolutions Motor/BladesCirculation RateTotal WeightImpeller
GFR 075 7,5 kW Softstarter 16,0 A 25 delay 1450/27 rpm 213 m3/min 195 kg Ø 2,10 m

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