For continuous operation under extreme conditions!

Stallkamp long-shaft centrifugal pumps are heavy duty and are perfectly suitable for reception pits and manure pits to a depth of 6 m. Either with sturdy electric motors (up to 22 kW/30 PS) or PTO-driven, Stallkamp longshaft pumps are a powerful and longlasting centrepiece especially for manure and biogas plants with both fixed piping systems and flushing pipes.

Our Centrifugalpumpe med lang aksel at a glance

  • Pump housing made from cast iron material coated with 2-component plastic lacquer
  • Large capacity pump housing and therefore resistant to foreign bodies and blockages
  • Pump impeller with intake auger below and chopping mechanism made from applied tungsten carbide
  • Galvanized steel suction plate with cutting edge and winding protection
  • Pump bearings and seals with radial shaft seal rings on special acidresistant hardened rings
  • Drive shaft running through oil bath, casing tube made of stainless steel
  • Dipstick in casing tube for checking oil levels
  • Stretch coupling (in electric drive only)
  • Thermo-control for each phase as overheating protection

Useable for pumping

  • Liquid cow and pig manure
  • Biomass for biogas systems
  • Virtually unaff ected by foreign bodies and blockages
  • Long lifespan thanks to a stretch coupling (in electric drive only)
  • Fibres of silage or straw in the manure are shredded
  • High flow rates and delivery pressures
  • Pumping medium temperature up to 70 °C
  • Flexibility thanks to perfect standard equipment and a comprehensive range of accessories
  • Electric or PTO drive
TypeMotor PowerStart-UpNominal CurrentRequired ProtectionNumber og RevolutionsMaximum PressureFlow RateBall GangwaySound Level**
LKP 055 5,5 kW Y/Δ  11,0  A 20 delay 1450 rpm 0,8 bar 155 m3/h Ø35 mm 62 dB (A)
LKP 075 7,5 kW Y/Δ  16,0  A 25 delay 1450 rpm 1,2 bar 230 m3/h Ø35 mm 62 dB (A)
LKP 110 11,0 kW Y/Δ  22,0  A 32 delay 1450 rpm 1,5 bar 312 m3/h Ø35 mm 67 dB (A)
LKP 150 15,0 kW Y/Δ 28,0  A 50 delay 1450 rpm 1,8 bar 345 m3/h Ø44 mm 67 dB (A)
LKP 185 18,5 kW Y/Δ 36,0  A 50 delay 1450 rpm 1,9 bar 365 m3/h Ø44 mm 67 dB (A)
LKP 220 22,0 kW Y/Δ 43,0  A 63 delay 1450 rpm 2,3 bar 408 m3/h Ø44 mm 67 dB (A)
LKP-T Mitre gear, power take off shaft 540 - rpm 1620 rpm 2,7 bar 612 m3/h Ø44 mm ---

** In submerged condition

centrifugalpumpe med lang aksel ydelse

The flow rate (volume flow rate in m³) is dependent on the density and viscosity of the liquid, the type and the DM content of the manure (animal feed), the support height and distance and the diameter of the pipeline.

01Centrifugalpumpe Lang Aksel 01Centrifugalpumpe Lang Aksel T 02Centrifugalpumpe Lang Aksel

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