Top-Performance in all liquid media!

Stallkamp submersible motor high-pressure pumps are the result of experience and consistent development. They run reliably and safely, and are powerful, effective and eco-friendly at the same time.

Our Submersible High Pressure Motor-Pump at a glance

  • Electric motor 11,0 – 22,0 kW
  • Three-phase-motor 400 V, 50Hz, 1450 - rpm.
  • IP68 protection category, insulating category F = 155° C
  • Thermo-control for each phase as overheating protection
  • Motor housing in 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Pump housing made from cast iron material coated with 2-component plastic lacquer
  • Large capacity pump housing and therefore resistant to blockages
  • Pump impeller with top intake auger and chopping mechanism
  • Impeller and feeder ring plated with WIDIA sintered carbide
  • Sealed with radial shaft seal rings on special acidresistant hardened rings
  • Electric cable with water-blocking devices in the longitudinal direction of the cable for moisture protection; special PU outer sheathing with moulded connection
  • 1.4301 stainless steel slide bearing and absorb fl ange
  • Electric switch as a manual star-delta or automatic star-delta starter with motor protection switch and CEE plug

Useable for pumping

  • Manure in repositories, mixing tanks and slurry channels
  • Biomass for biogas systems
  • Sewage sludge in wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater in industrial systems
  • High delivery pressures
  • No gas build-up in pump housing
  • Top performance under the toughest conditions (can be used in manure and biogas plants)
  • Spiral shaped shearing edge and large volume housing to prevent blockages
  • Thermo-control is installed as standard to prevent damage from overheating
  • Pumping medium temperature up to 50° C
  • The smooth design prevents the accumulation of fibrous materials
  • Space-saving design
  • A wide range of accessories
TypeMotor PowerStart-UpNominal CurrentRequired ProtectionNumber og RevolutionsMaximum PressureFlow RateSound Level**Weight
TMP 110 11,0 kW Y/Δ  22,1  A 32 delay 1450 rpm 2,0 bar 200 m3/h 48 dB (A) ca. 255 kg
TMP 170 17,0 kW Y/Δ  33,0  A 50 delay 1450 rpm 3,2 bar 300 m3/h 48 dB (A) ca. 265 kg
TMP 220 22,0 kW Y/Δ  43,0  A 63 delay 1450 rpm 3,8 bar 350 m3/h 48 dB (A) ca. 275 kg

** In sybmerged condition

dykpumpe hojtryk

 TypeABCDEFBall Gangway
 TMP 110 1.295 mm 245 mm 286 mm 800 mm 320 mm 1.066 mm Ø48 mm
 TMP 170 1.335 mm 245 mm 331 mm 800 mm 320 mm 1.111 mm Ø48 mm
 TMP 220 1.400 mm 245 mm 396 mm 800 mm 320 mm 1.176 mm Ø48 mm

dykpumpe hojtryk ydelse

The flow rate (volume flow rate in m³) is dependent on the density and viscosity of the liquid, the type and the DM content of the manure (animal feed), the support height and distance and the diameter of the pipeline.

01Saenkbar Hojtryksmotorpumpe 01Saenkbar Hojtryksmotorpumpe T 02Saenkbar Hojtryksmotorpumpe

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