Separation with high DM content!

The press screw separator continuously separates solid materials from liquids in a fully automated manner. The mixture to be separated is pumped into the inlet chamber from above and conveyed into the horizontal screen by the press screw. The pressing zone is located in the final sub-section of the screen, where even the tiniest particles are separated from the liquid. A permanently regenerating, compact solid cake emerges, which is pushed out of the solids outlet of the machine in a dry state. This can be collected effortlessly in simple tanks. The separate liquid flows through the outlet below on the machine housing. Due to the tight tolerances, the screen is kept permanently clean on the inside of the press screw.

The PSG is available as a mobile unit. Learn more about it in the following menu items.

Our PSG 3/4/5.5-600 and 5.5-750 at a glance

The basic machine press screw separator PSG consists of:

  • Heavy machine housing made from cast iron with inlet chamber and 2 separate cleaning holes
  • Inlet for the fluid to be separated
  • Outlet ports with square flange for the filtered fluid
  • Robust, fine-mesh screen cylinder made from stainless steel
  • Plated, two-way press screw made from stainless steel with precision fit for the screen
  • Drive motor
  • Solids outlet made from stainless steel; flaps steplessly adjustable via counterweight for controlling the residual moisture content
  • Subframe/fastening frame made from stainless steel

The mobile unit consists of:

  • Basic machine PSG 5.5-750 (5,5 kW)
  • 2 eccentric screw pumps (5,5 kW, 30 m³/Std., 380 rpm) feed- and exhaust pump
  • receiver tank 0,85 m³ with level indicator
  • hopper 0,85 m³ with level indicator
  • control cabinet for the controlling the separator and the both pumps

Biogas plants

  • Separation of fermentation residues

Agriculture and husbandry

  • Separation of manure
  • Green Bedding


  • Food industry and meat packing industry
  • Abattoirs: e.g. separation of rumen and intestinal contents
  • Distilleries: dehydrating mash and distiller's grains
  • Efficient separation performance with high throughput
  • Simple separator control
  • Bilaterally mounted press screw
  • Continuous process
  • Excellent price/performance ratio due to cast iron housing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Drive motor 3 / 4 / 5.5 kW
  • Rotational speed 30 rpm.
  • Screen basket Ø 254 mm L = 600 / 750 mm
  • Gap widths:0,35 / 0,50 / 0,75 / 1,00 mm (other widths upon request)
  • Throughput 5-25 m³/h

psg 3 4 55 dimensionL x W x H (mm)

  • PSG 3.0-600: 2240 x 1130 x 950
  • PSG 4.0-600: 2240 x 1130 x 950
  • PSG 5.5-600: 2310 x 1130 x 950
  • PSG 5.5-750: 2410 x 1130 x 950

01Psg 01Psg T 02Psg

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